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What types of casino bonuses are there?

When you sign up with and start playing at an online casino, you can receive a wide variety of bonuses. By far the most casinos offer pretty standard bonuses. This means that the bonuses are pretty much the same as bonuses at many other casinos when it comes to their names. What the bonus actually entails does vary strongly. That is, at one casino a deposit bonus might amount to 100 euros, while a deposit bonus at another casino might amount to even 500 euros. Besides the standard bonuses, which vary per casino when it comes to the amount and the wagering requirements, there, of course, also are the casino-specific bonuses. These bonuses are unique and appropriate for only the one casino. However, most of these casino-specific bonuses are effectively standard bonuses given a different and unique name.

Welcome bonus and deposit bonus

In general, new players always receive a welcome bonus from the online casino. This usually is a match up bonus. This means that the casino doubles the amount of your first deposit, but there almost always is a limit to how much they will double. Also, definitely not all of the bonuses double your deposit. Sometimes, you might even receive 200 or 300%. You might also receive free spins, possibly combined with a cash credit. Besides this, there also is the so-called deposit bonus, which very much resembles the welcome bonus. Also with this bonus do you get extra cash credit when making a deposit, which usually amounts to a certain percentage of your deposit. This kind of bonus is commonly called a deposit bonus or a reload bonus. In most cases, there will be a minimum amount that needs to be deposited for the bonus to apply, which then generally will be 30% or 50% of your total deposit. Also, there usually is a maximum to the height of the bonus.

Bonuses that include spins

Free spins are often part of a welcome bonus, however, that isn’t always the case. Not every welcome bonus entails free spins, and players might also suddenly receive free spins at a later time. In most cases, players receive a relatively small amount of free spins, for example 10 or 15. Usually, these free spins can only be spun on games selected by the issuing casino. Some casinos only allow you to use the free spins on one game and some offer a selection of games. In virtually all cases, free spins can only be spun with the lowest possible bet. Also, it’s important to know that most free spins are subject to bonus requirements. In some cases, free spins do not have any requirements, so you get to keep the wins these free spins yield and you can withdraw them immediately.

No deposit and cashback bonuses

No deposit bonuses are usually given out prior to a welcome bonus. You receive a bonus before you make a deposit, meaning that you can use this bonus to first try out the casino and see whether you like it enough to play with your own money. If you like the casino and you make a deposit, you then receive the welcome bonus. A no deposit bonus could be a small cash credit bonus, but you will usually receive a number of free spins. With cashback bonuses, you can receive a portion of the money you already lost or wagered at the casino. If you have lost or wagered a total of 100 euros on one day, depending on the bonus requirements, you get back a certain percentage of this amount at the end of the day or week. This money will then be directly transferred to your account.

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