Online Roulette

Online roulette is the most popular game in both physical and online casinos. This can be ascribed to several factors. In first place, the game is quite easy to learn, which means the effort it requires to become familiar with this game is reasonably low. Second, it’s a very old game, meaning almost anyone will have come across this game and will be familiar with the basis.

Finally, roulette can be played with high- as well as low bets. This makes this game very accessible to all players.

Roulette, the Devil’s game

Roulette is sometimes called “the game of the Devil”. Since the devil holds a negative connotation, one might think that this might have to do with bad luck. However, luckily, this isn’t the case. In fact, the numbers found on the regular online roulette game added up equal the number 666. The inventor of the game probably won’t have even thought of this, so it’s pure coincidence and in principle, the devil has nothing to do with the game roulette. Thus, this game is not shunned by cultures where the devil plays an important role.

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How many variants of roulette are there?

In principle, there are three variants of roulette. The European roulette is the most played variant in online casinos. This is basis game is most famous, and all of the basic rules apply. Then, there is French roulette. In this version, you receive half of your wager back when the bullet lands on the zero. This makes that you chances are winning are a little higher in the French version compared to the European one, which mostly comes from the fact that you lose less when the it lands on the zero and you didn’t bet on it. Finally, there’s American roulette, the least played version in online casinos. This is because of the fact that the chances of winnings are significantly lower than in the other two variants, which is because this game as an extra number: a double zero.

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How do I make my bet at roulette?

In roulette, there are various ways to place a bet. You can bet on the 50 percent chance box. Your bet will then be on for example black or red, high or low, even or uneven. Here, the chance you win is 50 percent, which is quite high. Because of these high chances, the potential win amount is lower. If you dare to take more risk, and have the opportunity to win more, you can place your bet on a cluster of numbers which lie adjacently on the playing grid, or on a complete box of 12 numbers. Naturally, you can even place your bet on a single number. This is risky, though, but if you predict the outcome correctly, you will definitely win big.

How much can I win at roulette online?

The amount you can win depends on your wager. If you bet on the 50 percent chance boxes, you will win double your bet. So if you bet 1 euro and you bet correctly, you’ll receive 2 euro. If you take a big risk by betting on just one number, you can receive up to 35 euro with a 1 euro wager. Of course, the exact amounts are also dependent on the variant of roulette you play.

Is there a system in roulette?

No, there isn’t a system in online roulette. A RNG (Random Number Generator) is employed, making everything completely random. This means you won’t be able to win the game by looking for a fixed order.

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