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Gambling on the Internet, or Online Gambling, has become increasingly popular since 2005. With the advent of the internet, online gambling has become a popular leisure option. That is not surprising, because gambling is as old as mankind itself. If you want to gamble online, you obviously will want to do that with reliable providers. offers you an overview of online casinos where you can wage bets honestly and without hassle, and you can make use of gambling offers you a free online gambling guide.

What defines online gambling?

The internet is a free marketplace for goods, money and people. With online gambling, you can profit hugely from this! People nowadays literally buy everything online. And that also applies to casino chips. Available wihin a few clicks away, you have transferred money from your credit card, bank account (wire transfer) or your internet account to an online casino wallet where you can use the money to gamble at online casinos. Roulette, blackjack or slot machines; you are more than welcome to wage a gamble on a variety of games. In the online casino you play against the ‘house’. You do not gamble, as with online poker, against others. This means that online gambling is no different from offline gambling. The big difference is that you now log in from your PC, laptop or mobile in order to connect with the world wide web.

Advantages of online gambling

The biggest advantage of online wagering is the speed and convenience. You do not have to travel, not to wait and not to insist on a table full with angry players. You play whenever you want! Furthermore, online payout percentages on slot machines are better than at real casinos. That is because an online casino has much less costs than a physical casino. It is also true that at an online casino, it is easier to avoid the tax authorities. It does not have an overview of online earnings, and there are many internet accounts that are outside the tax authorities’ view. Of course, these kinds of things are something for your own account and at your own risk!

Disadvantages of online gambling

There are honestly not many negatives to mention. Many British people find playing online a bit scary. That’s a matter of trust. But there is nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, the online casinos where you can play are very mature and have even sometimes grown into stock listed companies. This ensures you of fair play, licensed and controlled software and accredited payment supply. Gambling companies must meet certain conditions if they want to recruit customers in Europe. Online is not necessarily less reliable, this is really a myth. A disadvantage that does exist is that online ‘money’ often seems worthless. In a brick and mortar casino you’ve got the chips literaly in your hand. Online there only exists digital currency and you somehow just handle it a little easier. So think carefully how much 50 pounds is, even if it is only in digital figures!

Tips and Strategy for Online Gambling

There are many strategies for online gambling. But let’s start with a few simple tips. The best tip we can give you is to mind your ‘bankroll management’. This is important as you always need enough play money in your account to bet without limitations such as stress, fear or other emotional factors. Bankroll management also means that you bet in proportion to the money you have in your account. So do not bet 20 pounds per blackjack round if you have only deposited 100 pounds. Another tip is that you cash out winnings in due course, otherwise you will always continue play.

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Is online gambling safe?

When gambling online, you want to be sure that the casino is reliable and the website is safe. A safe playing environment is of crucial importance, so at you will only find casinos which are accredited by the latest checks, trademarks and software standards. In this way, we prevent you from losing money in unfair play. If you do have a negative gaming experience due to questionable affairs, please let us know! We may be able to help you by contacting the online gambling party and investigating what the problem is.

Thankfully, the times of foul play in the online casino world should be over. Most gambling providers are registered and/or have a licence in multiple countries, making them internationally regulated by reliable governments such as England, Malta, Spain, Italy, and other EU members.

Online gambling for money

Gambling for money has been popular since before the online casino. Visitors of Holland Casino, Jacks Casino, and other arcades spend thousands of euros there, and people tirelessly insert their coins into slot machines in cafés and pubs. The continuation of this trend in the online playing field has taken some time, however, the trust in online casinos has grown enormously over the past few years. Many online parties which previously seemed unreliable are now listed companies, have obtained a licence, and have broken through internationally.

This makes Dutch players more willing to actually deposit their money digitally. Online gambling with real money can be done through a bank-transfer, iDeal, credit card (master/visa) or for example through neteller or skrill (e-wallets). As you can see, it’s very easy to transfer money from your bank to the online gambling party.

1. Online Gambling is quick

The comfort of gaming is guaranteed on mobile devices and on the internet. Besides this, the speed of playing has increased. Within no time, your money is uploaded online and you can start playing on whichever device you prefer. And with this, many limitations of gambling have disappeared. For this reason, some people still view online gambling as something that does not affect them. However, as mentioned before, online gambling is a form of entertainment which has existed for some 20 years, and will continue to gain ground in the future.

2. Online Gambling is comfortable

There’s nothing better than not having to leave your couch in order to play. A ride to the nearest Holland Casino can quickly take up a lot of your time. And before you’ve acquired your chips, and found a place at the table… in short, it can take ages before you can place your bet. This is a shame, since of course you want to start playing IMMEDIATELY! With online gambling, this is always possible. There is always a free table to join, and every slot is always at your disposal.

3. Online Gambling can be done always and anywhere

Have to leave home all of a sudden? No worries, you can always play on your phone! You can place your bets from anywhere if you have a working internet connection. With the automatic play buttons, you can even wager continuously without having to look at your screen. What luxury! Also take a look at these tips for online gambling.

Are there disadvantages to online gambling?

Some players do not trust online gambling. They believe that the games are corrupt, that there could be software bugs, or that it’s just easy for the casino to scam you. This is complete nonsense. All casinos must adhere to strict rules in order to receive an extension of their licence. They are required to have tens of certificates, which guarantee safe and responsible gameplay. Additionally, independent checks are performed by gaming committees and licence committees, which see to it that casinos meet al the requirements.

Other people may argue that you can quickly lose money during the game, because you lose a feel for the money you’re wagering. Actually, this is true. If you take out money at Holland Casino, you’ll be holding your money in your hand. Unless of course you’re playing roulette or another table game for which you need chips. But even then, you’d be holding something tangible. This could encourage you, even more, to hold on to what you’re holding in your hand. On the internet, everything is digital. Online gambling makes the experience of the game very virtual. This may cause you to lose your grip on reality, which would be a shame.

Online gambling free bonus

Online gambling holds some great advantages over offline gambling. The largest advantage of playing online is that casinos reward you with bonuses. These bonuses allow you to start your game with more money. There are also casinos on the internet in which you can start playing with a free bonus. In these casinos, you don’t have to deposit money to start playing; you can simply begin gambling with the bonus money! You can use such a bonus to try an online casino and find out which games you like best.

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