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How are games at online casinos guaranteed to be fair?

The fairness of games at online casinos is very important nowadays. Many online casinos have a license with guarantees. In most cases, such a license means that the online casino is subject to independent checks. However, it is also important to know that some casinos display a certificate or license that isn’t genuine or one that doesn’t come from a reliable independent organization. A certificate or license on its own is, thus, not a guarantee. Still, most online casinos are reliable when it comes to the fairness of their games. And this does not only stem from the fact that most online casinos are subject to regular checks by independent parties. That is, most online casinos realize that if they want to keep a good customer base in the long run, they will also have to maintain a pristine reputation. This is especially true considering the fact that the online casino market is becoming more and more competitive.

Reliable online casinos use a RNG

If you want to be certain of the fairness of games at online casino, you can take a look at the casino’s terms and conditions and check whether they make use of a so-called RNG. Most online casinos do, and even mention this clearly on their website. RNG is the acronym for Random Number Generator. This RNG is a piece of sophisticated software that makes sure that everything that happens in a game is absolutely random. Before the use of RNGs, roulette games usually used some kind of system. A series of number that would repeat itself after it was done. And even though these series would contain hundreds of numbers, if one were to register the series, one could after a while know what number would show up next. This way, these players could cheat the game and make fortunes. With the introduction of RNGs, this isn’t possible anymore as the systems of series of numbers are no longer in use. Therefore, the use of RNG isn’t only beneficial to players, as it guarantees complete random outcomes, it also is advantageous to the online casinos themselves. That is, players can no longer figure out the system and consequently beat it.

What about fairness and RNGs at live games?

Live casinos, naturally, do not make use of Random Number Generators. This wouldn’t even be possible, since at a live casino, software isn’t used. Live casino games are table games that are led by experienced dealers. The game takes place in real life while both real life and online players watch the game unfold. Everything will be videotaped and there is no room for any unfairness. Also, as hinted at before, many live casino games are played at actual casinos, to give the live game a genuine casino look and feel. So, the games are played at actual casinos with physical players present and playing at the table. The online players play on the same table and are basically additional players to the table. There will always be multiple people watching the game, making cheating impossible. On Malta, you can actually visit a casino that is used for online live table games.

Is there a way for me to receive more information about the fairness of games?

Online casinos that make use of Random Number Generators generally clearly state so on their website. After all, the use of an RNG is a good thing, so the casino will want everyone to know that they make use of one. However, it might still happen that you cannot find whether the casino uses one or not and that the casino does not (clearly) mention their use of an RNG on their website. You as a player then always hold the right to contact customer support and ask about the fairness of their games and proof thereof. If customer support cannot give compelling evidence and/or information, it’s probably better to play at another online casino.

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