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These past few summery days invite you to go out and enjoy the sun as much as possible. The beaches fill up with people, the boats overflow the canals, and people cool down by taking a dive in the cold water. And they’re absolutely right. But what if you’re offered the possibility to get aboard a cruise ship, and participate in an adventurous treasure hunt? You’d seize the opportunity with both hands, right?!

A new treasure hunt with lots of free stuff!

Casino Cruise understands what it takes to celebrate the summer in style! Register today for the treasure hunt to win free spins! If you participate in the treasure hunt, a great adventure will be waiting for you with even larger rewards. We just have to wait a little longer to join in, though, since the treasure hunt hasn’t started yet. Since you have to register by the 26th, we thought we’d cover it now. Users that register after this date will not be accepted. And it would be such a shame to let this adventure pass you by!

casino cruise treasure hunt

Enjoy three new challenges

While we still can’t definitively tell you what this years treasure hunt will look like, we know that it will include three new, exciting challenges. You will receive three days to complete each challenge. If you complete the challenge, you will advance to the next round. The treasure map shows your progression. In this way, you’ll slowly move towards the treasure! If you would manage to complete all challenges, you may have a right to claim your fortune and free spins!

How can you join?

It’s definitely not hard to take part in the treasure hunt this summer. The only thing required is to be on time, and to bring a good amount of humour to the game! Follow the steps below, which allow you take join this deal:

  1. Make sure you register for this deal before June 26th!
  2. To partake in this deal, you must be registered for the weekly newsletter by Casino Cruise. This letter contains weekly information updates about the treasure hunt.

The treasure hunt itself will start the 26th and will go on until July 7th. Only after completing the challenges, you can look forward to the fortune and the free spins!

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