More than 400.000 problem gamblers in the UK

LONDON | November 13th 2018  | is UK’s biggest source of Casino Reviews. We have helped countless players with their journey towards the perfect online casino fit. We have always done this with pleasure and through our expert knowledge assessments. However, due to the recent wave of bad news items concerning problem gamblers, we have decided to publish a full guide about it. Read the headlines here!

Almost 2 million risk-players.
The last news coverage around the heated debate about problem gambling stems from the Guardian’s shocking message that almost 400.000 people in the UK have severe gambling problems and more than 2 million have a risk status of becoming a problem gambler. Gambling problems in the UK have risen due to the upcoming online market. Not only is it widely accessible through Google for internet and mobile users, it’s also become a very visible theme in the streets, football stadiums and other public venues. Millions of ads are shown to millions of people, every day. Therefore, the exposure to enticing bonus offers, hot casino games and/or free sports bets is huge.

FOBT under heavy media pressure
The FOBT’s (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals) that can be found in any street in the UK have been heavily criticized recently. These terminals allow customers to spend up to 100 GBP per minute. “The fast betting streaks can really get someone emotionally and financially bankrupt” said a spokesman of the British Association against Problem Gambling.

The UK’s leading gambling charity GambleAware, which funds the UK’s only dedicated gambling addiction clinic in London, has cried out to the the gambling industry to lift its funding for addiction treatment and to take measures against problem gambling. GambleAware receives up to £8m in funding annually from the industry but has asked for an increase to £10m.

Problem Gambling Guide from
We take problem gambling very seriously. And we want to raise the awareness that gambling should be a form of hobby with limited spending. We firmly believe the casino providers have the upper hand in fighting problem gambling but definitely think we should add our contribution as well. Therefore, we have written a compiled anti-problem gambling guide for everyone to read. It will tell you what to do when you feel you are getting addicted, or when you are almost running out of money and you are still wagering. What can you do to prevent it, and what can you do stop it.


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