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Nowadays, you can enjoy online casino games in a mobile casino just as well as in a regular online casino. This of course has to do with the fact that we increasingly live with our handheld devices, and less with laptop or desktop.

In order to stay relevant, online casinos must keep up with these developments. To do so, many online casinos also offer a mobile casino for players that prefer this form of gaming. Actually, the number of mobile casinos in the Playstore and the App Store consequently shows monthly increases.

Best Mobile Casinos

Mobile casino is more popular

As recently as 2016 it was different story, but currently it can be stated that most players prefer the mobile casino. This is the result of several factors. First, it’s easier to access a mobile casino in your work-break or in between classes, rather than having to use a computer for this. Many people do not have access to a computer during their breaks. Second, even at home it can be nicer to chill on the couch with your smartphone or tablet, rather than having to assume a more uncomfortable position at your computer table.

Two types of mobile casinos

In general, there are two types of mobile casino. In first place, there is a mobile casino that can be downloaded, while secondly, we have the online casino that can be played via the browser. There are exceptions to this rule, though, since there are many mobile casinos that also exist as an online casino. In these cases, the online casino was established first, and was later also converted into an online casino. Additionally, there are mobile casinos that really only exist in a mobile version, and can thus not be played via the browser. These mobile variants must be downloaded in order to be played.

Choose your best mobile casino

Downloading a mobile casino

Many online casinos choose to offer players as many options as possible. In this case, they make it possible to play using a laptop or desktop, via a browser, or via a mobile device, as well as being available for download in the Playstore or App Store. Looking at the statistics, you’ll find that download is the least popular option. Generally, we see that only if there are no other possibilities, players choose to download a mobile casino. The biggest disadvantage this type of playing holds, is that the mobile casino takes up a lot of storage space on your device. Due to this, players will prefer to play the mobile versions via the browser.

A mobile casino via the browser

Thus, a mobile casino that can be accessed via the browser is more popular. It requires no download, so it won’t take up any space on your mobile device. Besides, your account can be coupled to your account in the online casino, making it easy to switch between the online casino to the mobile casino and vice versa. In most cases, mobile casinos via the browser will even look the same as the online casino, making it recognisable and accessible.

Game assortment in a mobile casino

Generally speaking, the game assortment of a mobile casino is more limited than the assortment of the same casino online. This is because not all games are suited to be adapted to the format of a mobile device. However, more and more casino games are becoming responsive, which increases the game assortment of a mobile casino with time.

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Receive the best Casino Bonus right in your mailbox!

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