Gambling Addiction Guide

Gambling Addiction is a severe problem. It can even be seen as a form of disease. Research shows that gambling addiction can be genetic. This makes it extremely hard to ‘cure’. If a person has an underlying gene that makes him or her prone to gamble, the only solution is distancing. Therefore, has taken the initiative to write a full anti-gambling addiction guide. Hope this will help each and everyone of you against gambling addiction!

The 24/7 Gambling Economy
But how hard is it when during daily life this person gets in contact with gambling ads 24/7. The British Gambling industry has become a multi billion dollar industry. Football Clubs are being sponsored on their shirts, in their stadium, in the press room and so on. TV’s fill their in between sports advertising frames with gambling ads. Newspapers do too. It’s almost hard not to get incentivized to play. If you go out for a coffee on the street, chances are you’ll pass by a Betting Shop.

The British Government regulated the online market years and years ago. Ever since it was regulated, things have perhaps got out of control. Big gambling firms such as 888 casino were going too far with for instance their VIP and restrictive gambling policies. Players who had closed their accounts were contacted by telephone or email to considering re-opening. Such practices were spread widely in the media, and the public debate was lit on fire. The UKGC (Gambling Commission UK) confronted Gambling firms such as 888 with fines. The industry responded quickly: in order to prevent other fines, they started implementing anti addiction policies and some companies like Kindred Group (owner of 32red casino and Unibet) even initiated anti gambling addiction campaigns. Finally, the industry decided to finance 8 million GBP towards BeGambleAware, a joint initiative that should lead to a concrete health clinic to treat gambling addicts.

What can you do to prevent gambling addiction?

There’s a few preventive steps you might want to take as a player.

  1. Stick with one casino and/or bookmaker. If you start signing up for multiple casino’s and/or bookmakers, you will end up trying to close all these accounts if the shit hits the fence! Pick a trustworthy casino or bookmaker, that takes gambling addiction seriously. Brands like Mr Green Casino or others let players set deposit limits, play limits and even give you the option of account closure.
  2.  Deposit via one method and limit yourself. Put a monthly budget together and upload it to this specific bank account, creditcard or e-wallet. If you’ re running out, make sure you can not wire extra money to this account. Even better if you have a friend or relative who can check you. Social security is the best preventive measure!
  3. Play with someone else. You win together and share the win. You lose together and you have each other’s back!
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