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The best Videoslots

At you can play games for free. We have loaded the scripts from the most popular NetEnt, Microgaming and other slotmachines on Casino-Ratings. While you are connected to the internet you can play these online slots 24/7 completely free.

Of course after a while when know the game a little better you can easily click through to the online casinos where you can play this video slot for real money.

The difference between all those slots

There are a lot of different kind slots you can play online. All of them are known as video slots, but there are different kind of video slots. You have very modern and nicely animated video slots, these slots really look like games instead of a casino slot which makes it very nice to play! Besides these animated games you also have very simple slots with just the regular fruit icons on it. These are very simple 3 reel slots and are easy to play. A lot of people still like these simple slots.

Automatic Play Slots

One of the advantages of online slots is that you can place your bets automatically. You can easily get a cup of coffee while playing on an online slot, the slotmachine will just automatically place your bet each time. When you win it will automatically add it to your balance and continue playing. Also the bonus games and big wins will pass and be played automatically. Of course automatic play also has some disadvantages for example that it isn’t a lot of fun playing with the automatic function. Also you want to be there win you win big!

Mobile slots and other devices

Slot games are developed in such a way that they are playable on every type of platform during the whole day. Back in the days you were only able to play online slots using a desktop computer. Nowadays all games are available to play on Mac, Linux and Windows machines but also on mobile devices running iOS and Android. Online gaming is getting more and more popular on mobile devices and tablets, and this will only continue in the future!

Play Free Slots

Online slots always give you the possibility to start a free trial before you decide to deposit any money. There are a lot of online casinos that will give you free spins so you can play some slots for free without spending any of your own money. To play these free slots you just have to look for a ‘practice mode’ or a ‘demo mode’ icon on the homepage of the online casino.

We from advise you to claim the deposit bonuses often offered by online casinos. You can claim these when you decide to deposit money, most of the time they will double your deposit. In this way you are able to play much longer and place higher bets.

Big Wins and Bonusrounds with Online Slots

De best feature of every slot is the bonusround. Most of the time you will get a bonus round after playing for a while. The bonusround pops up when you get a certain combination of icons on the online slot. You will see a special screen where you can choose and win a lot more then usual. In this way the chances for a big win will be much higher. These bonusrounds is where everyone is hoping for because in these rounds you can win big amounts of money.

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